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About the club
Упорядочивание данных

Our activity

Despite this, our club continues to develop every day - the committees are constantly working to improve the professional real estate environment, develop documents and standards for full-fledged work in a rapidly changing modern environment, assist in the civilized settlement of disputes that arise between members of the Club.

XCF's activities are aimed at combining the experience, efforts and resources of the club members for the best business results. Clients, when seeking service to the club members, also get the benefits - the work of realtors according to uniform rules and active cooperation aimed at quality of service for more profitable sale or purchase of real estate. The result of our activity - about 90% of transactions in the economy segment of our region goes through realtors and at the same time about 80% of them - jointly between two real estate agencies!

We invite all interested parties to build civilized relations in the real estate market in their region.

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